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We provide essential resources to women from all walks of life. She Is Foundation Network, Inc. 501 (c)(3) was built on the foundation that no woman should go with out housing, food, employment, mental health service, or a support system. We are thankful to be able to provide women with services and information to keep going and not give up on themselves or their dreams.

"Women Empowering, Educating, Encouraging, EnrichingThe Lives of Other Women"   

We Believe

We believe in changing lives daily by providing resources and connections for the education, encouragement, and empowerment of women and their families from all walks of life. We aspire to foster the development of entrepreneurial skills through community involvement and volunteer opportunities. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of volunteerism, community, networking, and empire building. 

Free Food Drive In Every Wednesday  

Isaiah's Rock - FREE Food every Wednesday.

Location: Chino City Hall 

13220 Central Ave. Chino CA 91710

Time: 9:00am (Line Up Early)


Our 6 Areas Of Focus
1. Mental Health 
2. Housing
3. Employment
4. Free Food
5. Financial Literacy 
6. Free Clothing 


Benefits of Entrepreneurs. Membership:

  • Your donation goes to charity 

  • Tax deduction

  • Connections

  • You are a trusted entity 

  • Speaking opportunities 

  • Commercial opportunities 

  • Grant opportunities 

  • Certification opportunities 

  • Random referrals 

  • Online public directory (renews every August 1st)

  • RandomDiscounts 

  • Free +1 ticket on some events (you will get up dates in the fb group)

  • Access to the resource page 

  • Virtual selling or donation receiving for your entity opportunities 

  • Access to the Women Entrepreneurs connect fb group (Free Group)

  • Free and paid promotion & vendor opportunities  

  • First access on vendor events when you apply in time

  • Magazine feature opportunities 

  • We post all of your event(s) flyer(s) on our events instagram page (You have to send us an email every first of the month PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE EVENT FLYER BEFORE OR AFTER THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH. Please Include your instagram name if applicable. The event flyer must be a digital flyer blurry flyers will be accepted).

  • More forth coming 

Women Entrepreneurs Connect (SIFN)

- Motivation
- FREE Resources 
- Get Business Tips
- Make Connections 
- Grow Your Business 
- Share Your Business 
- Daily Engagement Post
- Free Monthly Live Info. / Empowerment Streams  

Women Entrepreneurs Connect 

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